Apostle Eric Malaba

In every generation God raises men with a mandate to restore the Church by the word of faith and holiness. Eric is one of those men.He lives and works with this only one thing in mind. The world has to become a pleasing offering of God sanctified by the Holy Spirit. ”Romans15:16”From 1992 to September 1996, He was planting and ministering the Gospel of the kingdom In the remote areas of the Democratic Republic Of Congo.On the 28th of March 1996, God gave him the mandate of making the world an “ACCEPTABLE OFFERING” Through preaching, teaching and demonstrating faith, holiness and intimacy with the Holy Spirit; Since then, that has been everything that his ministry pursue in the world.

On the 28 July 1998, he founded the Holocaust Missionary Center in Kinshasa (Capital of Democratic of Congo) from where missionaries are trained and released for church planting and mass evangelism.

Apostle Eric Malaba and DoIn June 2002, with his wife, DO, they founded Faith and Fire Ministries in Johannesburg Republic of South Africa.

Married to DO, the Lord has blessed them with four Children (Perle, Israel, Chris and Wonder).
God has also blessed his ministry with great wisdom and revelation of word. Many signs and wonder follow his ministry to the point where some people identify him with miracles.

In conclusion, through crusades, seminaries, workshops, conferences, books, internet and multi-media he continues to spread the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Apostle Eric Malaba with his wife Do Malaba

Apostle Eric with his children, Chris, Israel, Pear and Wonder